We are CLOSED permanently

Thanks for your support over the last few years.

We are CLOSED permanently.

We start with a 'Meet and Greet' visit to our home, so you can see where your dog will be staying, and we can get to know your dog and its usual routine.
We have a large secure garden, and our home has plenty of room for your dog to explore and find its favourite place to sleep.
Your dog will enjoy two on-lead walks a day, with up to one other dog.
We have a wide variety of local walks, and a range of toys and training exercises. We certainly don't want your pet to be bored!

  • 5 ⭐ licence 20/00803/ANHOM for four dogs
  • We cannot accept unneutered / unspayed dogs
  • Insured and DBS checked
  • £35 per night per dog
  • Bank transfers or card payments, please
  • £5 pick up / drop off in and around Stevenage
  • Ample off-road parking for pick up and drop off
  • If you need to cancel your booking, just let us know
  • Dogs over 1 year only - no puppies

No Meet and Greets at present - we don't have the availability
We'll show you around, get to know your dog (or dogs!), take vaccination details, emergency contacts and other admin. We'll also arrange a trial overnight stay for your dog for stays of 3 nights or more.
I can't take any dogs that howl when left - it's not fair on my neighbours!
I only walk two dogs at a time - no large group walks
Your dog may be left alone while I walk other dogs

Tony Simister, Old Stevenage Dog Boarding

Dog Boarding

WE are CLOSED permanently £35 per 24 hour stay per dog for 2024 Flexible pick up / drop off times Please bring your dogs usual food Your dog may prefer its own bed We have toys, but feel free to bring some too!

Walks and Playtime

WE are CLOSED permanently Two long on-lead walks a day Only two dogs walked together Most walks are a short drive away Large secure garden. Fun and exercise for your dog!

Pick-up and Drop-off

WE are CLOSED permanently Pick up / drop off on request £5 per trip, in or near Stevenage Ample off-road parking

  • Old Stevenage Dog Boarding

Previous clients - feel free to WhatsApp